Online Rehab Education Courses

Rehab Education, LLC is a premier continuing education company, providing high-quality, accessible and affordable CE courses – both live and online – to ensure up to-date mastery of knowledge and skills for occupational therapists, physical therapists, hand therapists, and other rehab professionals. As a therapist owned and operated CE Company, we strive to bring you clinically relevant topics and top-notch clinical instructors to provide you with practical knowledge and skills to improve patient outcomes.

Our new HYBRID ONLINE format provides on-demand self-study courses with either private one-on-one Virtual Office Hours meetings with the instructor via Zoom or scheduled webinars. You have the convenience and flexibility of a self-study course with the benefits of live instructor interaction and feedback.

See our live on-site Rehab CE courses here.

Live Interactive Webinar

KEYtoCP™: A Systematic, Intensive Treatment Model

15 CE Level: Intermediate

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With Labs and Private Zoom Virtual Office Hours

Kinesio Taping® Certification Course (hybrid online format)

25 CE Level: Intermediate

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with Splinting Labs and Zoom Virtual Classrooms

Pediatric Hand Therapy and Orthotic Intervention for Musculoskeletal Conditions (hybrid online format)

15.5 CE Level: Intermediate

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with Zoom Virtual Classroom

Treating Tendonitis in the Upper Extremity (hybrid online format)

7.5 CE Level: Inter/Adv.

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with Zoom Virtual Classroom

Treating without Pain: Hand Therapy Treatment Concepts (hybrid online format)

8 CE Level: Inter/Adv.

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Live Interactive Webinar

Treatment of Infants and Young Children (0-3) with Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injuries (Live Webinar)

6.5 CE Level: Beg/Int

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Video content for self study

Course with Zoom Classroom

Individual Conference with Instructor (via Zoom)