Sharing Images with a Link for Assignments

The easiest and most efficient way to share your photos for your hybrid online course is to share the link to your image. Here are instructions for how to share you images from several different options for cloud based storage.

Sharing from Google Drive:

When sharing the individual images from Google Drive:

Right mouse click on the image
Click on “Get Link”
For link option, select “Anyone with Link”
Click “Copy link”
then paste that link into the Rehab Ed assignment page
You can do the same, by Right Mouse Clicking on the photo and then clicking on share photo.

Sharing from Dropbox:

When sharing the individual images from Dropbox:

open the Dropbox app
open folder in Dropbox that contains your photos
select the file that you want to upload, and on the far right click on the 3 dots for “More” options (…)
click on “Copy Link”- the link will automatically be copied
paste the link into the Rehab Ed assignment submission box in the online course
submit the assignment
For more details, click this link: Create a Dropbox link with view-only access | Dropbox Help

Sharing from iCloud:

For more details, on how to “share a link” from ICloud, click this link: Share photos and videos on – Apple Support