Independent Lab Session: KinesioTaping® Applications- Muscle

Choose one of the three applications below. Click here to download and print the directions below for these taping applications.

Videotape yourself applying the taping application on another person, and email the link to your taping application video to the instructor (

When emailing video links to instructor, subject line of email should include “Pain CE course- Taping Assignment # _”. You can email all 3 taping assignment video links in one email. In the email, include the link(s), name of taping application(s) chosen, and the problem(s) you would treat with the chosen taping application(s). Please make sure to save your videos until you have completed the course and received your certificate of course completion.

For privacy concerns, please focus on the body part being taped, and do not show faces in your video.

TAPING FOR MUSCLE: Carpal Tunnel and Distal Radius Fracture
Length: approximately 8-9 squares KinesioTape

  • Use an I-strip with button-hole, to anchor the tape on the top side of the hand 0% tension
  • Turn the hand over and place on a stretched position
  • Lay the tape down with 0% tension to the wrist then start the tension
  • Apply remaining tape strip with 25% tension up the arm on a stretch to the medial elbow – or just to the end of the scar
  • Can apply final piece to “lift” 20-35% tension at the carpal canal
  • Rub to activate and reassess

TAPING FOR MUSCLE: DeQuervains, Tennis Elbow, Wrist Pain
Length: approximately 7-8 squares KinesioTape®

  • Can use a Y-strip or an I-strip
  • Diagnosis- Tennis elbow, Wrist Tendonitis, DQ
  • Determine which muscles to tape from the manual direction test- muscle
  • For DQ: Anchor at IP of the dorsal thumb. Place the wrist on stretch into flexion and ulnar deviation/pronation and apply one side of the tape with 25% tension to the upper forearm
  • Repeat with wrist extension and deviation- apply second piece and rub to activate
  • For Tennis elbow: Anchor on insertions of wrist extensors – 2nd and 3rd metacarpals. Place tissue on a stretch and apply the tape at 25% to the origin at the lateral epicondyle
  • If brachioradialis: Start at distal radius and end above the elbow, with a similar application
  • Can use a “space correction” with 35% tension to any additional site to create lift and movement (DQ, RH, Lateral epicondyle)

TAPING FOR MUSCLE: Radial Sided Wrist Pain 
Length: approximately 7-8 squares KinesioTape®

Once you have completed taping lab, click orange button to “Mark Complete”. If you will not be completing your taping assignment now, and want to continue watching the next video, you will need to mark this lab as compete and come back to it later. Reminder: you must complete and submit your 3 taping applications prior to the Zoom meeting.

When emailing video links to instructor, subject line of email should include "Pain CE course- Taping Assignment # _".

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